I believe our physical interactions with nature meaningfully bind us to the world. When not in the studio, I am an avid walker who is deeply influencedby my physical environment. Each piece begins as photographs, sketches or small gathered items. In particular, my work focuses on places that continue to echo in my memory and go on to influence my daily perceptions. The small scale of jewelry work allows me to focus on the complexity of tiny surfaces that are often overlooked. My intention is for each piece to encourage the wearer to reflect on the power of their own daily journey.

I believe in the importance of responsible and sustainable artwork. Each piece is created using eco-friendly studio practices and non-toxic materials. Much of the pure silver I select for use in my work is reclaimed from electronic waste, photographic materials and even x-rays. I make every effort to work with second generation refineries and suppliers who share my consciousness.

I believe my own work is fed through teaching as much as mystudents’ work is. I beganmy study of art at Plymouth State College and went on to earn my MFA in Sculpture from the University of the Arts. I am a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, a Senior Certifying Instructor in Art Clay Silver and an award winning Art Educator who teaches courses in Sculpture, Ceramics, Jewelry & Metalsmithing. I have worked with galleries and museums that span from my own backyard to theother sideof the world. My work can also be found in a number of publications, including Lark Books’1000 Beads.

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Marjorie Albano Renno/Silver Magpie Studio 2012 - 2020